Sunday, November 09, 2008

'Magical powers' trio arrested

Completely out of keeping with Dubai's ultra-modern image we keep getting news about people with magical powers in the area.

We've had the Magic Onyx & Bulletproof Sheep. And of course
The Black Magic Maid and the Arsonist Genie.

Today we're told that last month Dubai police received a tip off about more magicians.

Briefly, they had a pile of money which had been turned black by witchcraft. All they needed was Dh300,000 for 'powder and tools' to reverse the effects of the witchcraft and double the amount. Naturally, the contributor of the money would be handsomely rewarded.

So Dubai's finest set a trap. They sent an undercover officer to meet the gang, who explained the witchcraft problem and asked for Dh300,000, assuring him he would share in the profit.

But our man was clever, as the report shows. He realised that the gang simply wanted to get hold of the money and make off with it.


On the very same day the police arrested the three men.

The report is in Gulf News, here.

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