Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nurses can't drive. Nor can bakers.

It's another of those bizarre announcements that has me shaking my head in amazement.

Maybe tomorrow it'll be 'clarified' by another official, but as it stands today there are 100 categories of workers who can no longer apply for a driving licence.

According to today's report in Gulf News the list includes nurses, cooks, carpenters, housemaids, watchmen, tailors, cafeteria waiters, unskilled labourers, gardeners and bakers.

People belonging to other categories, which do not require a university degree, will not be able to open a driving licence file at traffic police departments all over UAE.

What a bizarre list.

Not for the first time, I do not understand.

By the way, I don't suppose that taxi drivers or bus drivers need a university degree, but I assume they'll be excempt?

Gulf News reports the announcement here.


Alexander said...


Passed on this story this morning thinking 'I bet Seabee's going for that one!'

Bakers. Serves 'em right, dough bashing swine that they are!!!

But good news for candlestick makers...

Media Junkie said...

quite dumb.

The Ego said...

Cooks includes chefs in 5 star hotels also?
Bakers include the people in patisseries or those employed in places like French connection?

100 categories... everyone check that list to see whether your profession deems you unworthy of a driver's license.


samuraisam said...

Notice the article states "Dubai:" at the beginning, but all the quotes within indicate it's only referring to sharjah?

More great news btw:
Rule banning 20-year-old vehicles postponed

Abid said...

"everyone check that list to see whether your profession deems you unworthy of a driver's license."

I think it only applies to those filing a new application for a license

K said...

I read your entire blog before a quick trip to Dubai in September this year, how wonderful to learn so much from insider with such perspective. So now, even after my trip, I can't stop reading ... fantastic blog, I enjoy keeping up with it. All my best!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry guys! This is all well in line with the new public transport measures - people don't need to drive because of:

The new metro (not ready until Sep 2009)

The increase in buses (only just ordered - probably will be here in 6 months)

The removal of old road vehicles, mostly taxis.

The new tram system - ready in 2011.

We should all look forward to a worsening situation with taxis and buses until our "new" systems are put in place!

Anonymous said...

alexander, all the candles are imported. Don't you know that ?!

Seabee said...

Kerin, thanks for the kind words.

Aaaarghlan Not 100 said...

What about poor people like me whose name is Baker!!

Seabee said...

You will cause total, utter confusion at the Traffic Police Department.

UmmeAiman Iqbal said...

I'm Still Laughing after reading the gulf news yesterday. Their twisted minds never cease to amaze.

The 86 categories are the poor. They can't afford cars anyway on salaries of AED 2000 - 3000. By banning their right to a license, how is the government going to help to reduce the amount of cars on the road?? LOL!! Even if they do have licenses, they can only drive cars owned by their company or on rent (which they can't afford).

The straight thinking person would rationalize that the government needs to interlink the emirates instead of ruling over them separately. This move would vouch for better transportation and more public use of buses/ cabs...

Sometimes its a wonder where they get their brilliant (LOL!) ideas from!

Anonymous said...

I planned a trip to Dubai for the upcoming Xmas holidyas but reading your useful blog and the local press websites I guess I'll move to a different destination: Emirates seem to be preposterously ruled and particularly unpleasant. Thanx 4 Ur daily guidance!

Seabee said...

Anon, no don't stay away, we have tourism targets to meet!

Anonymous said...

haha! Yes, do come. Just be prepared to be stuck in traffic, and OH! Don't even think about swimming in the ocean. Just last week, once again, a British couple was holidaying at a popular 5-star beach resort in Dubai. Went for a swim, came out of the ocean, developed a rash and started vomiting... the problem? you guessed it: Dubai's beaches are STILL being used as a dumping ground for raw sewage, but the hotel management naturally decided to take the Middle Eastern approach to all problems: "pretend that everything is fine, stick your head in the sand and wait for the problems to pass." Lovely.