Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wedding lights

Yes I know I complain about things a lot, things like bad planning, traffic, driving standards, bureaucrats...

To be fair, most of those irritations I'd be complaining about wherever I lived. I complained about much the same in Australia before we moved back here.

Overall of course I think the positives outweigh the negatives, otherwise I wouldn't stay.

The positives include nice little irrelevant things that you come across, such as this on Beach Road in Jumeirah last evening.

We were off to China Times for the always excellent food and passed a house celebrating a wedding:

I know it's not environmentally friendly, but I think it looks fantastic.


i*maginate said...

If that's not environmentally friendly, how would you label the fireworks, and the water gushing out of the main road in front of me ;-)

i*maginate said...

I had a good snoop into the China Times restaurant but from the outside, it doesn't look quite like the pics you posted before.

I used to dine at the City Centre branch ages ago. My goodness, I haven't been to City Centre in at least 2 years! Does anybody still go there? haha!

Seabee said...

i*, the photo on my previous post was taken from the entrance to the restaurant.

City Centre? Only people living in Deira go there I guess, the traffic for everyone else is impossible.

Alexander said...

And Sharjah. People from Sharjah.


Eliz the Wiz said...

Hi! Just found your blogs, and it's fabulous! Thank you so much for posting all this. I will definitely try some of the places you recommend. I also recognize a lot of what you write, and it's nice to see someone take photos of things that we tend to overlook as interesting scenes/objects. I am a lazy blogger myself, but write very long letters home now and then instead. Kind regards Elizabeth ( )

Seabee said...

Hi Elizabeth, thank you and welcome.

i*maginate said...

seabee, I guess I have to go there to see which angle the pic was taken from... photomagical geniosity :)

seabee, city centre was a huge #2 after Ghurair Centre, it's amazing how things change so fast.

I wanted to buy plain t-shirts the other day (don't ask) and the way things are planned out, one needs to manaouvre round massive traffic to find the most basic of stuff. All because luxury developments don't cater to basic needs.

I swear the word verification here is grunt - my, my: my luck...I can take a snap but can't be bothered LOL

i*maginate said...

McNabb, helicopter is the new car ;-)

what's with this word verication on your blog, seabee, droxi? As if I know how to do a proxy lol

Seabee said...

i*, the pic was taken by my personal photographer (Mrs Seabee that is) who was standing in the entrance doorway. Off you go and stand there to check the non-Photoshopped veracity of it.

And I tell you what, Al Ghurair Centre was a sensation in its day too - I watched it being built from my luxury (for those days) apartment. In fact I'm sure I've put photos of it in my good old days posts.

This new word verification thing is interesting isn't it. Keefieboy recently posted about it too.

i*maginate said...

Now I recall your old pics of that area (AGC). Do you remember the burkha'd ladies who used to walk around the shopping centres in their dozens, without "males"?

Good old days, when bluetooth and tinted windows/desperate men weren't around.

Now we have floral abayas, crystal-studded an all...

Hey do you remember Gerrard and the HUGE mobile phones when they came out? As time went by, mobiles became smaller, and the headset was in fashion LOL so you have a swarm of white talking into their headset and nobody is actually talking to each other at the coffee shop!

I think my first DP post was on this :)


Will check out the linked post - I wasn't aware of anything spefically in the news about it...

Seabee said...

Do I remember the huge mobile phones? Big as a housebrick and weighed a kilo...I even remember a world without mobile phones!!

i*maginate said...

I just remember a world without the internet :P But can't remember that far in any case lol :P

Word verification for today is stips. lol!

rosh said...

"And Sharjah. People from Sharjah.


Alex, true! :)

rosh said...

"Good old days, when bluetooth and tinted windows/desperate men weren't around.

Now we have floral abayas, crystal-studded an all..."

hahaha! yes, a lot of changes in such little time..