Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Poo Lagoons

An iconic new development folks.

The Poo Lagoons.

In another of our Great Moments In Planning, the planners forgot to include sewage treatment plants in Dubai's Master Plan.

As has been extensively reported, tanker drivers have been unwilling to queue all day at our one and only treatment plant and have been dumping their unpleasant loads anywhere they could.

Beaches have been closed, boaties have been unable to sail and Dubai's vital tourist trade hasn't been helped by the international coverage of it.

But now we have a 'medium term solution' - a big hole in the ground where 500 tankers a day can discharge.

No, sorry, not a hole in the ground. It's 'a temporary lagoon which has been engineered, with contractors working on it'.

The site will be aerated naturally with only preliminary treatment. Reeds and bamboo will be planted to transfer oxygen to the sewage and help break it down.

'Aerated naturally'? That means leaving it open to the elements doesn't it? As I commented on Alexander's post on the subject, several trillion flies are likely to call it home.

Five hundred tankers a day, each with thousands of litres to discharge. These are going to be big lagoons folks.

But nicely landscaped with greenery.

And I must say I was amused by this comment from the director of the treatment plant.

He said "this technology is commonly used in countries that cannot afford proper facilities or infrastructure."

The story is here.


Dave said...

A new stop-off for the Dubai Big Bus Tour??

Incedere said...

A few thoughts....

It's a new Dubai record.
I can see the headlines now...

World's Largest Chamber Pot!

Visible from Space!

On the Other Hand...

Seeing as how Dubai's oil reserves are so low...a world's largest methane production facility may not be out of order.

And if the Dubai Bus wants to put it on the tour, they just have to follow the green flame/blue angel glow.

Sorry...can't resist...

If a sandstorm passes through...will it stir up a $#!%storm?

I do hope someone posts a "No Swimming" sign there.

Anonymous said...

When will the off-plan sales for the villa sites be held? Can I get 95% financing from the new EDB? I can smell this development will be a flipper's delight.

He said...

What frustrates me more is the fact that they brag about it, they mention it and expect everyone to applaud and tell them what geniuses they are.

NicoleB said...

Can I see Dolphins there?

I'm sure that will be a tourist attraction.

*Countries that can't afford it* leaves me in giggles.... so, why don't they do the things that countries do, who CAN afford different things?


Dave said...

500 tankers per day each carrying approx. 8,000 US gallons of effluent:-

8,000 x 3.79 L. per gallon = 30,320 litres per truck

30,320 x 500 trucks per day = 15,160,000 litres per day

15,160,000 x 6 days per week = 90,960,000 litres per week

90,960,000 x 2 flies per litre = 181,920,000 flies

Must be a new world record!!!

Anonymous said...

Flies are a wonderful source of alternative energy as well. The link below demonstrates how we could leap ahead in the green technology stakes by having robots that use flies as their energy source. ANother world first!

Seabee said...

Dave well done and thank you. I thought of working out the litres per day but quickly abandoned the idea.

If you don't mind I'll leave you to dash out to Global Village and register the record at the Guinness Book of Records booth.

Abid said...

a hole in the ground is "technology"?

Grumpy Goat said...

I've worked out that given Dubai's growth (credit crunch notwithstanding) and both Al Awir and the new Jebel Ali treatment works going at it 100%, the Poo Lagoons won't be nearly enough.

Current overcapacity is 220,000 cubic metres a day: over 7000 trucks.

In 2013 overcapacity will be 900,000 cu.m/d and growing.

The Poo Lagoons will be bigger that we think...