Monday, November 17, 2008


My prediction yesterday was wrong, I'm delighted to say.

The rain wasn't to blame for the crashes on our roads. Or at least not in the papers I read this morning.

Most of the accidents were caused by drivers who failed to keep safe distance," said Major Yaslam Mubarak Al Tamimi, the head of the serious traffic accidents department.

Caused by drivers.

Now if only that would get through to the drivers themselves we'd be getting somewhere.

You can read about the chaos here.


Abid said...

Well it's a first step.

Anonymous said...

Fog still causes accidents though....

Anonymous said...

... and using the mobile whilst driving causes accidents. No, wait, I remember this one:
Dubai Police: "We are cracking-down without mercy on drivers with more than 30% tinted windows!" (*beats with fists onto own chest, in manly fashion*)
Dubai Citizens: "Ok... ehem... it's been a month now, where's the crack down?"
Dubai Police: *no comment.*
Dubai Citizens: "Ok, dear Dubai Police, forget that. How about you crack-down without mercy on drivers using the mobile phone?"
Dubai Police: "We cannot... you see, it's impossible to see whether drivers are using their mobile phones, because (wait for it...) WE CANNOT SEE THROUGH THEIR DARK TINTED WINDOWS.

Laugh or cry? I choose to laugh about this one... :-)))

Seabee said...

A classic wasn't it.

If you remember, the crackdown consisted of walking around their own car park and fining their own staff for illegal tinting. Then they seemed to lose interest.

Anonymous said...

haha! Exactly... however, I walked past the Bastakiyah / old Ruler's Office last Friday night (the weather's gorgeous now for a 4-hour walk around the souks and along the creek, so we did!) and there's a sign at the entrance stating: "Ruler's Office, emirate of Dubai. Any staff or persons with car window tint exceeding 30% will not be permitted entry."