Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update on that video

You'll be aware of the 'torture video' which has resurfaced and is attracting much international attention.

There's a development reported by WAM. Here it is in full:

Official Statement of the Human Rights Office, Abu Dhabi Judicial Department

Abu Dhabi, 29 April 2009 (WAM) - The Constitution of the United Arab Emirates guarantees a number of fundamental rights including those set forth in Article 25 providing that all persons are equal before the law, without distinction in regard to race, nationality, religious belief and social status.

The Human Rights Office (HRO) of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has viewed the contents of a video containing graphic scenes of physical abuse that has been widely circulated online and reported in international media.

The Government of Abu Dhabi unequivocally condemns the actions depicted on the video.

The HRO of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department will conduct a comprehensive review of the matter immediately and make its findings public at the earliest opportunity.

Based on the statement made by the UAE Ministry of Interior, the HRO of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department understands that the matter depicted on the video was resolved between the two parties and that no criminal charges were brought by either party.

However, the HRO believes that the events depicted on the video appear to represent a violation of human rights and therefore these events should be fully reviewed in their own right.


The fourth and last paras are the important ones and tempting though it is to comment I suppose the right thing now is not to until the review is completed and the findings published.

Stories about the tape on ABC News and in The Guardian.

WAM website is

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