Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The inevitable

On Saturday I posted about the dangerous intersection that's been created on one of Dubai Marina's bridges.

This morning:

The BMW was coming across the bridge, the taxi was presumably already on the roundabout.

It happens to be one I saw but I bet there have been more, and there'll be many more in the future too.

As I've said several times in the past, bad road design and bad road signage contribute to the crash statistics.


Dubai Saver said...

There is another deadly spot that just appeared sometime in the last week. It's when you turn off SZR at Defense roundabout, and stop at the lights that leads over the interchange to the other side where the French Bakery is. As you go through the lights and turn around the corner to go over the overpass... the lines are messed up and the people in the left lane drive into the right lane and the people in the right lane drive drive into the left, and so I have many close shaves every night! It confused me the first time till I figured out what was going on? Has anyone else had this problem here?

The Wizard of D said...

Hey I was right at that spot when this accident happened!!

yeah... agree with you