Sunday, April 12, 2009

People and stupidity

Never underestimate the capacity of people to be totally stupid.

Here's another example - a sad outcome but self-inflicted because of mindless stupidity.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

Northern Territory police have found the remains of a 20-year-old man taken by a crocodile while swimming at night in the Daly River about 150km south of Darwin.

The local man disappeared while swimming with his brother across the crocodile-infested river at about 2am (AEST) on Friday.

The man's wife was watching from the riverbank and later told police she saw a crocodile nearby.

Superintendent Dean Moloney said the three had been drinking and the two men decided they would try to swim across the river.

Supt Moloney said "very large crocodiles" were known to frequent the river.

"I think there was some complacency involved in this incident."

Supt Moloney said the two men would have known there were crocs in the water.

"They are locals from this community," he said. "There is no doubt they would have known there are crocodiles there."

Here's the full story.


Rose in Dubai said...

Isn't that what the Darwin Awards are for?

Media Junkie said...

we covered that in our news section. i thought he was pretty stupid.

The Weekend Blogger said...

You can't take the natural stupidity out of mankind. A few years back we had one "enlightened" fellow jumping into the tigers' compound,swimming across the moat and then trying to garland a tigress in the Calcutta Zoo. He lived to tell the tale minus a few fingers and a limb.