Wednesday, April 22, 2009

That's better!

One of the things I miss most about Australia is the clear blue sky we enjoy most days of the year.

We don't see it very often here and the last week or it's been particularly dusty, hazy, dirty, depressing.

Not today though. There's a strong breeze coming in off the sea, the air is clear and the sky is blue.

It'll reach 29C and humidity is low.

Couldn't be better.


Cat Russell said...

I agree Seabee, was thinking that exact thing on the way to work this morning, its seldom that we have such a crisp day. Love it!

ZeTallGerman said...

Hi!Yes, this morning was just stunning! I was seriously contemplating to call-into work with one of those notorious "24-hour viruses"... haha!

The Sandman said...

Yeah, it's a perfect Dubai day today. Hopefully it holds out for the weekend!

Dubai Jazz said...

I felt there was something different today. I kept checking the time when I was driving to work in the morning, I thought I was late but then I realized it's the clear sky. It's amazing what the sun could do to cheer you up!

Seabee said...

ZTG I have one but it's lasted days, not 24hrs :-((

Sandier Pastures said...

It was cloudless earlier today. Gotta love blue skies!