Friday, April 24, 2009

Red tide? Pollution?

The natural red tide and man-made pollution of our beaches have been in the news a lot recently.

The subject has been popping up on forums too, with questions about it being asked by tourists planning to visit Dubai.

I stopped by the beach at Umm Suqeim yesterday to have a look. To be precise, to the beach the other side of Umm Suqeim Fishing Port from the public beach alongside Burj Al Arab.

It looked pretty blue and clean to me:

The fishing port is where the offshore construction of Porto Dubai is happening, so you'd expect stirred-up cloudy water. But again it looked to me as though the reports might be a little exaggerated:


Media Junkie said...

It looks nice, but I still wouldn't swim in Dubai waters - I know a friend getting a nasty looking ear infection after swimming in Jumeirah.

The water's not what it used to be.

Bush Mechanic said...

We went to Sandy Beach / Dibba last week. The hotel warned us they had been experiencing red tide for two weeks straight. When we got there, the water was clear. The red tide had vanished in the night. The water was more salt saturated than normal and getting it in the eyes stung badly and drove us out of the water looking for goggles. So I guess the water chemistry balance changed and this wiped out the red tide.

Anonymous said...

it's so sad to see a beautiful beach like this and not be able to go and have a just so lucky i am born and raised in a tropical country such as the Philippines and able to feel the waves lapping at my body..great post though!