Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No more black magic?

There's disturbing news for those of us who eagerly look forward to reading the black magic stories which pop up regularly.

In Abu Dhabi the Supreme Judicial Council has issued a directive which could act as a deterrent to the sorcerers, possibly putting an end to their magic endeavours.

"Anyone accused of being involved in black magic, sorcery or witchcraft will now be tried under criminal law and face heftier penalties if convicted" reports The National.

"The council called on Abu Dhabi’s courts to take a tougher stance on black magic cases, even deporting non-nationals found guilty by the criminal courts."

The National has it here.


Prog Power said...

Not very Dubai centric, SB- You will probably not be eager about wanting to read any black magic yarns anymore after you see this-

Anonymous said...

Hide the Tarot cards!!!