Saturday, November 03, 2007

It's raining!

I thought I should record the fact that it rained today.

I can't temember the last time we had rain - sometime last winter obviously - but we had a little bit today. Not what we'd call rain in Australia of course, but enough to leave some wet patches on the ground.

It's apparently the fringe of the weather Oman is getting, and we're getting something we see very rarely, cloudy skies.


Al Nims Media said...

Muscat is cloudy too, but no rains.

nzm said...

We had about the same amount in Melbourne today too.


It's hardly rained since we've been here which is fine by me as I walk to and from the tram.

The Ego said...

I was driving when it first started... it was amazing... can't wait for the proper showers!!! :)

i*maginate said...

It's raining
It's pouring

i*maginate was snoring

i*maginate said...

Btw *nzm I remembered you when my best friend informed me just today she's moving from London to Melbourne with her boyf because they absolutely loved it when they went there on holiday.

Seems that city's got a lot going on.

Damn, from her story and your posts (and just a desire to go down under), can't wait to visit the land of the Oz ;-)

nzm said...

i*maginate: come on over! We have a dream that, one day, Dubai will be just like Melbourne and then we can come back! LOL

BTW Seabee: just 2 hours after I wrote the above, we had the most amazing electrical storm and it's been raining lightly on and off all Sunday. At least I didn't have to go outside today!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry - butI do know (but only because I wrote in my diary !) - it was the 2nd April.

The rain yesterday was fabulous. In the Marina it lasted for a good 4 minutes and 28 seconds. I sat outside under a Starbucks umbrella, coffee in hand, feet up on a chair grinning inanely.

i*maginate said...

*nzm ;-)

I guess when Melbourne is more like London, my friends will be moving to Dubai lol

Oooooh on the topic of rain I love it but I hate being drenched in it. Ironically, I'd rather not be seen with an umbrella in Dubai rain. An umbrella? In Dubai? hehe I've seen people wear raincoats!

nzm said...

Melbourne will never be like London - thank God!

For one thing, strangers talk to each other on public transport! :-)