Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another fatal crash.

Just look at this:

The police say the bus driver was speeding and jumped a red light. That's normal for Dubai's roads.

The driver says the brakes failed.

The bus hit two cars and another bus before landing on top of the Pajero, killing one of the passengers in the 4x4. Ten other people were injured. And, once again, it's reported there was a fire.

It was in Deira at 10am yesterday and caused massive traffic jams of course.

Just another day on Dubai's roads.


redstar said...

The brakes failed. Heard that lie before. I will be astonished if it turns out to be true.

Rose in Dubai said...

I wouldn't be surpirsed at all given the pathetic levels of maintainence on most buses - have you ever looked closely at their tires? Scary!

zetallgerman said...

It seems that even with all this talk and reporting in the local press, the underlying truth is: the Police don't seem to care, or they're simply lazy. Every single night, from approx. midnight onwards, I see groups and families of UAE nationals gathered on the sand dunes either side of Emirates Road, waiting to watch illegal street racing. At least once a week, on my way to work in the morning, I see the "aftermath" of the night's racing: this morning it was 2 cars in the central reservation, in a mangled mess of metal and fencing. Where's the police? Anyone's guess...

G to tha T said...

they should do a brake test on the bus or ducktales