Saturday, November 10, 2007

The bridge tragedy

Further information has come to light today on the accident in which seven workers constructing a bridge at the entrance to Dubai Marina were killed.

Apparently it wasn't a bridge collapse as reported yesterday. The crane's heavy load of steel frames hit a wall, which collapsed onto nearly thirty workers.

There are two disasters to be faced by the families of the dead, the obvious grief of having lost a loved one being the first. But there's also the practical fact that they were probably the main bread-winner for their families.

At least there's help for them to deal with the second. The company have quickly confirmed that the families will receive ten years' salary in compensation. Medical expenses for the injured will also be paid by the company.

It's small comfort but at least the company seems to be doing the right thing.

It would be nice to think that it's standard practice. I wonder...


Zafar said...

The poor workers normally get between AED500/- to AED800/- only considering the higher value workers will get only AED96,000/- each.

They might have had big families as they normally do and this amount may turn out to be inadequate. Moreover who will make sure that this amount really gets paid or like the salaries which they receive after a gap of months, these amounts are only a gimmick to get away from the investigations.

The companies should offer in addition to this compensation, if at all it is given, an offer to someone from those families to work here in UAE all expenses paid to come here and work as per their qualifications. This probably will help more than anything else.

Seabee said...

Yes Zafar I agree there has to be follow-up to make sure the compensation is paid promptly. I assume it's an insurance company which will pay, so hopefully there won't be any shady dealing.
It would be nice to think this is the minimum that will be paid and the company would offer more, but I really don't think that's ever going to happen.

BuJ said...

hmmm it's really sad.. but it's great they are getting the salary compensation.. and to be honest.. the 100k or so each will get will not compensate for the loss of a human life but it's definitely the right thing to do.

may their souls rest in peace.. and the night of diwali too.. poor guys.. i feel so sorry for them.