Sunday, November 25, 2007

How to obstruct Dubai's commercial life.


Some errors occurred while processing the requested tasks.

* Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this are server problems, network problems blah blah blah...

The last few days I've had this message on my e-mail more often than I've been able to use it.

It simply won't connect.

I keep trying, it flickers on for a few minutes, I send a couple of messages...then up comes the terminated message again.

Add to that the current unblievably slow speed of the internet connection, which is even worse than the normal slow speed, and you have Etisalat's contribution to the succes of Dubai as an international business hub. Thousands of people sitting in offices glumly staring at computer screens that load at an agonising, frustrating snail's pace. People forced to waste time, to be unproductive.

This is the 21st Century, international commerce is increasingly done via the internet. Dubai's very future depends on us being a major international business hub, with an increasing amount of business done from here, with more and more international companies relocating or opening regional offices here. Communication is the lifeblood of business. But Etisalat's infrastructure isn't up to the job. Dubai's businesses must have modern telecommunications services, with sufficient capacity, fast and reliable.

Etisalat's website assures me:

We enable people to reach each other, businesses to find new markets and everyone to fulfil their potential. Across the UAE, we provide telephone, TV and Internet services for everyone, and much more for businesses. We are increasingly present in international markets. Our customers enjoy the latest services and technologies, as well as a choice of great entertainment.

Our website will let you discover all we have to offer.

Reach out. The world’s waiting.

I'm trying to, but you won't let me!!!


Anonymous said...

I used to want to live in Dubai to make big bucks. Not so anymore. Slow Internet speeds, Internet censorship, rent is extremely expensive...

Why oh why should I suffer from all this? Life's too short.

nzm said...

Trying to get onto some DXB based websites is a pain in the proverbial at the moment as well.

Seabee said...

anon, for most people the days of 'making big bucks' in Dubai have long gone.

nzm,Bloody frustrating isn't it. (Good to see you're still with us).