Friday, November 09, 2007

Another fatal day in Dubai's construction industry

Seven workers were killed yesterday when part of a bridge under construction collapsed. Twenty-four of their colleagues were injured, although thankfully none of these are said to be serious.

The need for the bridge is because there was oviously a serious planning error in the design of Dubai Marina. On the ocean side, where the beach hotels and Jumeirah Beach Residence are located, there is only a small bridge with one lane in either direction to cross the marina entrance.

The planners incrediby thought that would be enough for tens of thousands of people to come and go.

Let me remind you what JBR looks like, and this is just a very small part of it:

JBR claims to be the world's largest single-phase development with 40 towers, four of which are hotels. It covers a one mile length and will be home to 25,000 people. There are also dozens of towers on the other side of the road, plus more than half a dozen existing hotels. A bridge with one lane in either direction was considered to be sufficient.


We can't blame the RTA for that doozy, it was done long before they were formed. I do hope the people responsible were dealt with harshly.

The cause of yesterday's tragedy is said to be human error - a crane placed a huge load of iron rods on the upper part of the bridge, far too heavy for the under-construction bridge according to a statement from Mattar Al Tayer of the RTA. The seven workers were killed instantly and a fleet of rescue helicopters airlifted the injured to Rashid Hospital.

A committee of officials from the RTA, Dubai Police and Public Prosecutors has been formed to investigate the acident. I hope they include something I've talked about before - site supervision.


Keefieboy said...

I can't find any accurate info online about this tragedy: some reports say the bridge went over Al-Sufouh Road, others that it crossed the Marina itself. Any clues?

Seabee said...

Keefieboy it's near Al Habtoor Grand/Grosvenor House. Where the bridge crosses the water which is the first outlet to the sea, and the road goes on to the big roundabout then on to Jumeirah Beach Residence.

They're building a second bridge because the existing one is obviously far too small.

Mats Engstrom said...

I was driving by the construction site just minutes after the accident happened. No helicopters or any other rescue vehicles were there, so it must have happened just a minute or two before.

It was very chaotic, people laying on the ground dead and/or hurt shouting and a mess of workers running around.

It was a bit of a wet blanket for our mood for the rest of the night.

aisha said...

Very hard.
Sometimes or maybe often we forget about safety regulations on our work.
But it is too important part of our live.
Dubai property is developing very fast, buildings are rising day by day,it is a very good. But the problem is that do all construction companies obey main safety regulations.

Seabee said...

Aisha, too many companies are not doing the right thing on health & safety. But also the workers themselves are often to blame, ignoring the company's safety procedures.

galen nikolaidis said...
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