Sunday, November 11, 2007

Investigation into vehicle fires.

Last month I asked Why so many fires? when we have vehicle accidents here, and ended the posting "Something for the authorities to look into?"

Apparently they are.

Gulf News reports today that "Road safety expert seeks answers to blazes following road accidents and collisions."

Dr. Yaser Hawas, Director of the Roadway, Transportation & Traffic Safety Research Centre in Al Ain, said the occurrence of vehicle fires during accidents is so alarming that it warrants an investigation into the causes.

That's why I wrote about it, I'm sure that we have an unusually high number of vehicle fires in crashes. There has to be a reason and if the reason can be found it can be eliminated.

Dr. Hawas said: "We are examining these accidents to ascertain whether it's a car manufacturing fault, nature of the accident or any other aspect that set the vehicle on fire after the collision."

That really is good to see. Any crash is a terrible thing but I have a real horror of fire and I can't think of anything worse than the vehicles exploding into flames.

The full Gulf News story is here.

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