Wednesday, July 18, 2007

RTA blames us again.

Earlier this month I posted about claims that Chaos is not RTA's fault.

The RTA was blaming the motoring public for all the faults in their Salik administration.

They're at it again today.

In 7Days there's a report from yet another motorist about faults in the accounting system. The report ends: "The RTA confirmed there have been a few teething problems with the new system - something they say has been mainly caused by people providing incorrect mobile phone numbers to Salik."

Enough is enough! Will you all please stop causing problems for the blameless RTA!!


Serious Assistance said...

I love the incorrect mobile number part.

The RTA clerks definitely typed in the right phone number. Driver's just filled out the wrong numbers.

That sure explains the "Your AED500 is insufficient" message.

moryarti said...


Alexander said...

I hadn't had my account number from them so I finally called to cause trouble and they kindly informed me I had given them the wrong number on the form (they had a 9 not a 5).

I told them I had printed it carefully, had the man in the service station read it back to me and that I have a copy of the form where the number is clear for all to see.

'Never mind, this is your new account number now' was the response.

Ya gotta love 'em... >:0#