Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Decisions decisions.

How flattering. So much so that I'm very tempted to reply to the e-mail I received this morning:

Hi, my gentleman

My letter comes from my heart. It's time to say about my inner loneliness and strong desire to love and to be beloved!
I can't imagine myself without my soul mate. I know that if I don't meet you, MY Love, this life will lose its sense.
I feel that I will reach everything with my soul mate.
I only need to love and to be beloved and to be supported.
What can I give to you? Of course, it's endless love forever, it's deep affection and devotion, it's care and understanding.
I know the more you give, more you take. Love doesn't have selfish roots into my heart and It is impossible to feel indifference to such cute man like you.
If you feel Truth's pearl into my words, I will wait for your reply right here http://thelovingplace.net/dreamings

Looking forward to get a letter from you


How would I pronounce her name, Tatty?

Trouble is that I can't make up my mind because I have so many decisions to make thanks to my e-mail box. Which do I take advantage of, one or all of them?

In the last two days I've had a very tempting offer of several million dollars from none other than Mrs Arafat and a notice that I'd won £1 million and a new Toyota Prius.

I'm still struggling to understand the subject of two others: "Majority in the Galactic Empire; is to the argument concerning the doesn't he wasn't over you;" and "vigilant warships and he spoke about running phoney because my contribution to Anacreon the king" but as my luck seems to be running hot I'm sure they're to my financial advantage.

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Dishy in Dubai said...

Eek...sounds like someone used one of them online translators and came out speaking fluent retardese.