Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Midday rule flouted by 10% of companies

Ten percent of construction companies are endangering the lives of their workers by ignoring the midday break rule.

Since July 1 when the rule came into force inspections were carried out at 2,100 companies and 210 were in violation of the law.

The only good news aspect of the story is that violations are down from 30% - 40% last year, but it's still far from good enough.

Amazingly the tabloid 7Days concentrated on that rather than slamming the violators. Headline and opening para are:

Violations are down
The Ministry of Labour has announced a drop in the number of companies flouting the midday break rule this year as compared to last year.

We have all the talk about 'name and shame' yet the names of violators are not publicised, and we have the press trying to put a positive spin on it.

The reason most gave for violating the rule is as predictable as it is unbelievable...they didn't know about it.

The only people in the country who are unaware of the rule are the construction companies!

Heatstroke kills people. The midday rule is there to protect the health and safety of the labourers.

One company not abiding by the rule is unacceptable, let alone ten percent.

Read the stories in
Gulf News.


Dubai, where the streets are paved with gold.

In Gulf News the story immediately beneath the midday rule violations article tells us that 500 construction workers have stopped work to demand a pay rise. Their current salaries range from Dh 500 to Dh 700 a month. For those of you outside the UAE that's US$140-190 or £66.60-93.30. A month.

Details are here.

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