Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Floating Bridge. Why not 24/7?

The long-awaited and overdue Floating Bridge was opened for business yesterday. That makes five crossing options for the bottleneck of the Creek, so it's very welcome.

It is, according to 7Days, giving drivers "a new route around the Salik toll" and according to the RTA quoted in Gulf News it will "help to reduce traffic jams by 37% on Maktoum Bridge."

The already choked Maktoum Bridge is taking more traffic because Salik operates on Garhoud Bridge, so now some of that extra traffic has the Floating Bridge option.

But although Salik controversially operates seven days a week twenty-four hours a day, the Floating Bridge will only be open from 6am to 10pm.

There is no comment in the reports about the reason. I expect the 'journalists' did what 'journalists' in the UAE do, simply wrote down whatever they were told and didn't ask the obvious question.


On that subject there are more questions that I would have asked had I been there, too, relating to the claimed 37% reduction of traffic on Maktoum Bridge. That's old research, that percentage was reported when the floating bridge was announced.

The obvious, to me, questions are: As there is no commercial or political confidentiality involved, will the research be made available to the public? Has there been research to determine the extra traffic using Maktoum Bridge since the introduction of Salik? What is the revised figure for the percentage that will be diverted to the Floating Bridge?

But back to the main question - if the bridge is closed for maintenance I can understand it, but I don't think that can be the reason - surely it won't need maintenance every night?

So, the question is, why is it closed every night between 10pm and 6am?


If you'd like to read all about it and see the photos, Gulf News has the story here.


Serious Assistance said...

To let boats pass. That is why Maktoum Bridge and Garhoud Bridge are closed (the draw bridge opens) for a half hour each night (around 2am). I don't know why the bridge is closed for that extended period; maybe it takes time to move the bridge in and out of place.

Seabee said...

That's the point isn't it - why all night for this bridge?

A kader hasham said...

Road tolls are usually introduced so the authorities can recover the amount invested on any new projects,once that figure is achieved the toll is then removed. Salik is here to squeeze pockets, and people into massive traffic snarls. Do not be surprised if salik gets itroduced to the floating bridge! Dubai is the only p;ace i know that has road toll on old roads, so, whats stopping them from charging toll on new ones!!

Anonymous said...

To let the dhow cruises pass??

Anonymous said...

does any one know, back in 1960's and 70', there used to toll on maktoum bridge. but they removed it once the cost was recovered. :)