Monday, July 30, 2007

New zoo true

It looks as though one of the stains on Dubai's reputation is about to be removed.

A new zoo, so long promised to replace the appalling zoo in Jumeirah, is, according to a Gulf News report, going to be replaced and the animals relocated "by the end of this year."

At first glance and with the limited information given in the drawings the new zoo looks good, with plenty of room for the animals on the 350 hectares (864 acres) site in Dubailand. There's no indication of how the animals will be housed, although the overall design would seem to indicate that they'll have suitable enclosures.

Dubai Municipality/Gulf News

It's said that construction of the new zoo will begin in August and the core zoo will be built in three months, while the rest will be built in stages through to final completion by early 2009.

An interesting additional comment was that there will be chalets for ovenight stays in the zoo.

The story and drawings of the new facility are here.

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