Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Telling it like it is

The Big Boss really does push the boundaries.

In a culture which doesn't publicly criticise, which takes politeness to the point of being overly polite it's quite remarkable.

For the media to be reporting his comments is even more a sign of changing times.

In April last year he warned government ministers to lift their game, even naming ministries he wasn't satisfied with.

A couple of months later it was announced that a system was being developed to track the performance of all ministries. And a team of 'mystery shoppers' would regularly monitor them and report their findings directly to Sheikh Mohammed.

That was followed by a cabinet reshuffle, with some ministers replaced and others moved.

In the first meeting of the new cabinet he laid it on the line again.

He urged the ministers to find effective solutions to the problems facing them while developing their ministries. "I don't want ministers to bring us their problems only, they should come up with valuable solutions."

"...I demand you do more, exert all possible efforts and come up with creative ideas in the best interests of the nation..."

He noted that he would even effect a new reshuffle should any minister fail to discharge his duties.

The person at the top always sets the tone, which then filters all the way down. This new attitude is badly needed to weed out the complacency, inefficiency and incompetence we struggle with. Long may it continue.

Gulf News story here.

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