Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good service from Etisalat

Now that's something I never imagined I'd be saying.

Here's the story: we decided to change to Wi-Fi at home, so yesterday morning went into Etisalat at Jebel Ali.

The guy at reception was knowledgeable and helpful, we filled in a couple of items such as 'User Name' on a form, he gave us a numbered ticket.

Less than a minute later our number was called, again the person we saw was knowledgeable and helpful - and very pleasant - and it took him a couple of minutes to enter information into the computer.

The whole process took less than five minutes.

That was yesterday. This morning at seven the phone rang. The engineer would be with us in fifteen minutes to instal the new modem, if that was OK.

It was.

Even more amazing, he knew his way to our building and didn't need any instructions.

Fifteen minutes later he was doing the job, fifteen minutes after that he'd finished.

I thought it was worth recording.


Anonymous said...

Good customer service? I can't believe it - you're making it up! :)

(sd-b @

Seabee said...

I can hardly believe it myself, that's why I thought it was worth recording!

Anonymous said...

hi :)
one of my favorite blogs, definetly on my RSS. keep it up ;)
this comment (if i may) is for any reader who comes across this blog, nothing personal.
etisalat is considred the second best telecommunication company in the world after the swedish company nokia. they do have their ups and downs which is only normal. etisalat earned that by the quality provided in comparison to other major telecoms in the world, honestly! (mind you it may be the youngest). anyway your amazement comes from what we always hear about etisalat, the criticism and the comments from people that were spoilled by dubai! yes! to the extent that all they want is to criticize and rarely appreciate anything in this beautiful city although when we come to reality, dubai provides a higher level of lifestyle than what they would find back home, or else they would'nt be here. they continue to criticize but they are still here, ironic eh ?

Seabee said...

anon I agree with most of your comment. But my surprise at good service from Etisalat isn't because of 'what I hear' or 'spoiled by Dubai' but from personal experience of Etisalat. They charge high rates for bad service, slow connection, not enough bandwidth, bad customer service and usually a slow and unhelpful response to problems.