Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bulletproof sheep case continues.

My favourite story of recent times continues to provide entertainment.

You may recall that last month in Dubai Court of Misdemeanours a defence lawyer said he would be calling witnesses to confirm his client's claim that a sheep became bulletproof when an onyx stone was placed around its neck.

His client was charged with trying to con the public after he advertised the ring for sale in an Arabic newspaper, a real bargain at only Dh1.8 billion (US$490 million).

As 7Days reported: "In a lively court case (I bet it was!) the guilty man’s lawyer asked the judge to allow a test to be carried out, where the defendant would have worn the onyx and been shot at to test its powers. The judge refused.


The owner of the magic stone was jailed for six months.

We can expect more entertainment though, because he is expected to appeal the decision.

The story in 7Days is here.

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