Thursday, March 13, 2008

Light relief

Every so often I glance through the words that visitors put into search engines that led them to this blog.

These from today made me smile:

Search Engine
Search Words
european old guy for couple in dubai

Optomistic I'd say, but I understood it. This one still has me puzzled though:

Search Engine
Search Words
dubai 40's sheep


ian said...


Stumbled upon your blog yesterday whilst doing a bit of research on Dubai. You see, I'm moving out there in a couple of months. Reading it certainly brightened up my day in the office (especially bulletproof sheep!).

Thought you might be able to offer me a little advice... I'm going to be working in DIFC and need to find somewhere to stay that won't involve a long commute. What area would you recommend? Also, do you know of any letting agencies i could contact?

Thanks and keep up the good work!


Seabee said...

Ian, e-mail me (address on profile) and I'll e-mail you back with some info. It's a bit long to go into here.

alexander said...


The other day I picked up 'Fake Plastic Schoolgirls' as a search result.

Which worried me. It really did. Partly that someone was looking for them and partly that they found me...


rosh said...

Crazies galore!

Spectrum said...


but actually u become 3rd !!