Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The magic onyx saga...

At the beginning of the month I said The Case Of The Bulletproof Sheep would continue to entertain us, because the defendant was planning to appeal.

Re-cap: in the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours a defence lawyer said he would be calling witnesses to confirm his client's claim that a sheep became bulletproof when an onyx stone was placed around its neck. The defendant shot the sheep four times without harming him.

The owner of the stone advertised it for sale in an Arabic newspaper at only Dh1.8 billion (US$490 million). He was charged with trying to obtain money under false pretences.

The judge refused the application to allow the defendant to wear the stone and be shot at to prove its magic powers and jailed him for six months.

On Monday they were back in court, this time at Dubai Appeals Court.

They're still trying the 'try to shoot me while I'm wearing it' argument. But as that was rejected by the earlier court the defence lawyer has a scientific fall-back position.

He asked the judge to: "assign a physics expert or Dubai police's criminal laboratory to test the stone and decide whether it contains any electromagnetic powers which deviates the bullet before it hits the stone wearer.

I like these guys, they're really putting up a defence.

The story's here.

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