Thursday, March 13, 2008

I despair

Since Tuesday morning the media has been full of the carnage of the country's worst traffic crash, caused by brainless, moronic, criminally stupid people.

There can't be a driver in the country who isn't aware of it.

But I've come to the conclusion there's nothing we can do about it.

The fact is, that's how people are. They are morons. They are brainless. They are criminally stupid. And they're all around.

Short of having compulsory intelligence and common-sense tests and euthenasing everyone who fails - what an empty planet we'd end up with - I can't see an answer to the problem.

As I said, for 48 hours the media has been giving huge coverage to the destruction. No driver can be unaware of the dangers.

Today in Dubai Marina we were confronted with one of them, driving his sedan the wrong way down a dual-carriageway. He was aware of what he was doing because he had his hazzard lights on and he was faced by oncoming traffic in both lanes. And arrows on the road pointing in the opposite direction.

An hour later I was doing 60kph on a clearly-marked 60kph road when a Dodge Charger, driver on his mobile, came past at something over 100kph. He was stopped by a red traffic signal - he was still on the phone as he screamed off when the light went green.

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