Monday, March 31, 2008

Good news on driving standards. Possibly.

Our beloved RTA has set up a new licensing agency.

Amongst all the guff in the press release and stories is the important bit:

"The new Licensing Agency will be responsible for licensing driving institutes as well as training instructors and inspectors of drivers.

It will also be responsible for the testing and licensing of drivers and vehicles along with endorsing conditions and guidelines governing the training of drivers.

One of the root causes of the problem has been the standard of instruction. The instructors just aren't teaching people how to drive correctly and safely.

The whole driving standards thing - I'm sure I've said this before - needs to be put on hold and looked at from start to finish. The most important item is the standard of training, so the trainers need to be trained, the training standards need to be established. We need a published Highway Code, we need road/driving education in schools - in other words, back to basics.

Maybe, just maybe, that may be on the horizon.

Read the story here.

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