Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Frightening traffic figures

New tougher penalties for traffic offences came into force on March 1st. We obviously need them.

Dubai Police report that traffic offences are increasing, with 272,979 in February.

In 29 days there were 272,979 drivers caught breaking the law.

That's 9,413 offences a day.

392 an hour.

It's a traffic offence every nine seconds.

Many of these were dangerous and life threatening - 4,724 vehicles were confiscated in February for committing dangerous traffic offences.

And these figures record only the drivers actually caught committing an offence.

The full story is here.

1 comment:

CG said...

I see a lot of flashes from mysterious looking boxes in the central reservation, but nothing logged against my vehicles. Perhaps they have a wasta that I am unaware of.

Every 9 seconds? jeez, that can't all be me.