Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Magic onyx to be scientifically tested.

This story has legs, as they say.

The magic onyx and the bulletproof sheep story that is.

Last week I said of the convicted dealer and his defence lawyer: "I like these guys, they're really putting up a defence.

They're still trying the 'try to shoot me while I'm wearing it' argument. But as that was rejected by the earlier court the defence lawyer has a scientific fall-back position.

He asked the judge to: "assign a physics expert or Dubai police's criminal laboratory to test the stone and decide whether it contains any electromagnetic powers which deviates the bullet before it hits the stone wearer."

I thought that was going to be rejected but no, the Dubai Court of Appeal has decided we can continue to be entertained by the story for a while yet.

They wouldn't let the dealer wear the magic onyx and be shot at, but they have agreed that an expert from Dubai police's criminal laboratory or any concerned authority should examine the onyx to establish whether it contains any special characteristics which makes it bulletproof.

No, I'm not making it up.

The story is here.

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