Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's petunia time

My favourite time of year for the landscaping has gone - my favourite colours are orange & yellow so the marigold period is the most pleasing to my eyes.

But that's finished, the plants have been replaced with petunias and I must say they look pretty good too.

Here's one of the displays just in front of Madinat Jumeirah.

And the landscaping of the new Interchange 5 at Dubai Marina is starting to come good too...


i*maginate said...

Interesting that a man notices flower types and the times they are replaced! I lurve the landscaping in Dubai but never notice really when they are changed...unless they go from purple and pink to something like red and yellow...I didn't even know what a petunia looked like but thanks for the post - it's the name for most of the floral kinds accross Dxb public areas.

Seabee said...

Well, I like gardening and I don't get a chance to do any here so I notice the public landscaping I guess.