Friday, October 31, 2008

What you see... often not what you get.

Particularly with real estate advertising in Dubai.

This is the artist's rendering of The Jewels in Dubai Marina.

They look great and they're sitting in a park with views all around.

The actual buildings look just as they did in the drawing, but I wonder how many of the owners who bought off-plan are not so happy about that promise of greenery and views all around.

I don't know whether RERA, or the advertising industry itself, has looked into accuracy in advertising...


dave said...

I also love the way you can buy postcards in the shops of buildings and projects that aren't even finished yet. Glossy computer images of what may or may not ever become reality.

LDU said...

Sue the developers for deceptive and misleading conduct?

Anonymous said...

I've often wondered if there are any advertsing standards here at all.
How many times do we see developments in Ajman touted as "just 25 minutes from Dubai International Airport". In the dead of night with no traffic and doing 160km an hour non-stop you still couldn't do it.

I also saw an ad for apartments in International City saying "eight minutes from the airport".

It takes longer than that just to get out of International City.

Elle said...

Standards! I don't think that word exists here.

Anonymous said...

The only bring out rules which can get money to their pockets "the sheikhs" their is no concept of public facilities or human rights, they dont care and its sad no one is doing anything about it real estate is the biggest fraud, see how they announced no more 99years visa it is something they promised and then they erased whne ever they wanted.