Monday, October 06, 2008

Blinded by the light

Driving on the constantly changing roads through endless roadworks is enough of a challenge but there's an additional hazard that we really shouldn't have to face.

Construction lights shining in drivers' eyes like oncoming full beam headlights.

Whoever sets up the lights obviously has no thought for safety, and there appears to be no authority (police, RTA?) taking any steps to stop it.

It isn't only the driver who's safety is compromised. Often the street lighting is bad or non-existent, there are shadows everywhere, lights blaze into the driver's eyes and on more than one occassion I've narrowly missed labourers wearing dark overalls who wander in the road.

This photo happens to be in Dubai Marina but there's the same problem in every construction area I've driven through.


dave said...

And after someone is involved in a serious accident Dubai Police will announce their normal massive campaign to crack down on night light blindness, with offenders prosecuted to the 'full extent of the law', as they always do.

Mars said...

change of address:
That will explain everything. said...

Actually what I find annoying are those blinking lights on the skyscrapers. I remember about a year back when one of the towers near Trade Center (from Diyafa Street) installed those lights, they were quite blinding if you happen to be staring at them when they flashed. I think those and the general light population at night should be tackled. Unless you head out into the desert, you rarely see a star in the sky.