Monday, October 13, 2008

Like a good Chinese meal?

Over the last few years we've all-but stopped going to Chinese restaurants, other than in Singapore, because the food they serve has become predicable, all the same, bland...and every dish is swimming in that strange, slimy, beige coloured sauce.

However, there is one in Dubai that we enjoy, the food has been consistently good every time we've been there and the menu offers a good selection of different regions' cuisine.

The restaurant is China Times in Jumeirah Plaza on Beach Road. That's the end of Beach Road near Jumeirah Mosque and the giant flag.

We've tried many of the dishes and although we obviously prefer some to others we've never faulted the quality of any of them, even the ones we didn't like very much.

We were there on Saturday evening and as I said I'd post about it Mrs Seabee took photographs for me.

It's part of the Bin Hendi group and they seem to have a policy of serving very large portions, (Japengo is another example) so it's easy to order far too much. However, it's normal in Chinese restaurants to tau pau (take away/doggie bag) and we always leave with a bagful.

So here's what we had this time...

The fabulous crispy vegetable spring roll to start:

A (very large) bowl of Singapore noodles with chicken:

Vegetables in oyster sauce:

And my new favourite, crispy duck with plum sauce. I've never had such meaty duck anywhere, so this is a big portion:

The duck is more expensive than most items on the menu at Dh50, but the total bill, including a bottle of mineral water and the these-days-inevitable service charge, was only Dh155.

The staff are great and it's a pleasant enough restaurant to sit in too - if you have a window seat you can watch the world go by on Beach Road.

Nothing pretentious about it, it's just a good neighbourhood restaurant. But well worth a visit in my opinion.


Mars said...

great! shall take mum here for her upcoming bday!

Rose in Dubai said...

Love China Times. Their Hot and Sour Soup is one of the best in town. Got craving now......

ZeTallGerman said...

Great place, I agree. We also love the Indian Restaurant in the Jumeirah Plaza (the name escapes me right now, but it's on the corner just next to the Pharmacy)

CG said...

Awesome review Seabee, and nice photography Mrs Bee. How refreshing to hear of excellent food at oh-so-great prices too.

Shame it is too far for me :(

Mealone said...

Still remember Dubai's first Chinese Restuarant - the MiniChinese in Satwa. Was still going when I was last in Dubai but much expanded and grander premises.
Food was good provided you liked peas because you got those in every dish!

Seabee said...

Mealone we used to eat there regularly back in the late seventies/early eighties. Hot & sour soup was a particular favourite. Then we walked along the road to Baskin Robbins for ice cream. Both are still there and going strong.

Mini Chinese and China Times are both part of the Bin Hendi Group by the way.

sam said...

could someone whos been there please tell me if they have SALT AND PEPPER SQUID on the menu?

It is my absolute favourite dish ever and since moving here from the UK four years ago I have yet to find a chinese restaurant in Dubai that can make the dish properly

Seabee said...

Sam sorry, I don't remember seeing that on the menu.