Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Let 'em get away with it sentences

The courts seem to be passing ridiculously lenient sentences for causing death by moronic driving more and more frequently.

This is the third time in a week I've posted that Salah Bu Farousha, the Head of Dubai's Traffic Public Prosecution, is planning to appeal the sentence and push for the toughest punishment possible under the law.

I posted about this crash when it happened back in November.

Photo: Gulf News reader

Driving recklessly and jumping a red light, the RTA bus driver hit two vehicles, then hit a bus dropping passengers and landed on the 4X4. The bus then caught fire.

He killed the passenger of the 4X4 and injured ten others.

He claimed the brakes failed - they were tested and found to be safe. Cameras on the interchange proved the rest.

He's just been sentenced by the Dubai Traffic Court of First Instance.

Three months in jail and licence suspended for six months.

Three months.

That'll send a message to the other morons that their dangerous life-threatening behaviour won't be tolerated!

Salah Bu Farousha must be tearing his hair out in frustration and anger. I would be.

He says they are reviewing the verdict in detail before appealing for the toughest punishment applicable.


They shouldn't have to do it, the courts should understand the severity of the problem, the reason why tougher laws were introduced and hand down appropriate sentences in the first place.

Someone high up needs to get on top of this and call the judges in for a briefing.

I posted about the previous letting-them-get-away-with-it sentences here and

Today's Gulf News story is


Tys on Ice said...

u know whts the saddest part? the guy who died in that car along with the driver was a Nepali who had just arrived into Dubai for the first time...


Mme Cyn said...

Four years for two leaves and a bud tracked in from Amsterdam etc. on a shoe, and a human life is worth three months. *head scratching sounds*