Monday, December 10, 2007

Our new business daily

There were only two things wrong with Emirates Today. The content and the layout.

Now it's gone to the newspaper graveyard, to be replaced by a business daily.

Sorry guys, it's all wrong, it just doesn't look the part. Here's the masthead:

A serious daily reporting on business from an international business centre and it looks like that?

And "Emirates Business 24/7"? Who came up with that doozy?

You can picture the meeting can't you.

Boss: 'A business daily, covering the Emirates. What shall we call it?'

Serf 1: 'How about 'Emirates Business? Short, descriptive, to the point. Says what it is.'

Serf 2: 'I know! I know! 'Emirates Business 24/7!

Today's business is obsessed with using buzz words - buzzing - and Serf 1 won't get on. Serf 2 will be promoted to In-Charge.

Mind you, if I'd been there I'd've won the sucking-up-to-the-boss battle. I'd have shown them what buzzing is all about. I'd have said we need an exclamation mark after 24/7!


Just look how impressive that would be

If you want to see what the new paper's like you can go to the website


i*maginate said...

Hilarious, seabee! The question mark idea is genius - obviously you're a high-flyer in the world of Dubai marketing. I bet loads of companies are trying to headhunt you! lool

samuraisam said...

If you're missing your favourite number 1 government mouthpiece you can always head over to WAM

Seabee said...

Sam, I do check the WAM site most days to get the official line.