Friday, December 07, 2007

Madinat's Winter Wonderland

A few days ago I posted a silly thought about the Christmas tree going up at Madinat Jumeirah.

It was part of what a sign said was a 'Winter Wonderland' being created, and I said I'd post photos when it was done.

Well, I went for my morning caffeine fix today and here's the view from the central outdoor eating area:

They've fenced the bloody thing off from prying eyes! A tacky hessian wall tarted up with a crown of plastic holy.

Anyway, I wandered off to the side, squeezed onto Prunier's terrace and took a shot of the Winter Wonderland area:

That's the big tree that was up in the eating area last year, now replaced by the much smaller one in the first photo. They've decorated it well I thought. Not sure what the cabins are for - food probably, or perhaps traders.

Just a touch incongruous in that setting wouldn't you say, but hey this is Dubai and anything's possible.

It was all a bit strange I thought, being fenced off with no apparent way to reach it. So I wandered around and the obvious was soon revealed - this is Dubai so it's gonna cost you.

A narrow entrance, a security man and a sign that says 'Admission Dh20'


LDU said...

Those buildings in your second last picture look circa 19th Century England.

Seabee said...

It's loosely - very loosely - based on a traditional desert fort the windtowers that are now a, completely ridiculous, architectural design feature on so many huge new Dubai buildings.
(To see some original, working, genuine windtowers you could look at some of my 'Old Dubai' photos which I posted on here a while ago).