Tuesday, December 04, 2007

More on jargon.

Two signs that I've read this morning highlight the fact that none of us are people any more.

Even worse than not being thought of as an individual, we're no longer collectively even people.

First, in Knowledge Village I was confronted by a sign declaring "Empowering human capital."

Don't they mean empowering people...or even better, empowering you?

Then driving along Sheikh Zayed Road a very large advertising board told me that some company or other wanted me to "Come to us for human capital solutions."

(Bloody 'solutions' again!!)

I'm assuming it was an employment agency which can find the right person to fill a vacancy, although they obviously feel the need to hide that fact.

I have two main problems with this morning's jargon affront.

One, say what you mean, explain yourselves clearly and concisely, don't confuse people about what you mean.

Two, any company thinking of its staff as nothing more than 'human capital' isn't worth working for or dealing with.


LDU said...

Maybe they want to show off their English skills...

Keefieboy said...

Idu: language is for communicating: pseudo-mamnagement-speak serves the opposite purpose. Just off now to enable the H2O agitator to facilitate the production of a hot beverage solution.

Seabee said...

Yes Keefie, marketing communications is a misnomer these days I'm afraid, it's all about mis-communicating at the altar of trendiness.

i*maginate said...

The stupidest of them all is the shortest one: en route to Garhoud Bridge, a massive overhead banner stretching accross the road simply reads "GO FURTHER" - and the ad is from National Bank of Dubai.

So I think to myself...erm...I am going further, there's no exit now - Garhoud Bridge is the only way!

So all that advertising investment from NBD just to tell me to do what's imminent?

What does "go further" mean anyway, coming from a bank? As in push into the queue? Choose another bank?