Friday, August 24, 2007

Watch your speed!

I drove on part of the toll section of Sheikh Zayed Road earlier today, from Mall of the Emirates to the Trade Centre roundabout.

I read a week or so ago that the speed limit on this section would be reduced to 100kph, but I haven't seen any announcement that it had actually been put in place.

Maybe I missed the announcement because it is now 100kph. There are no large signs, no '100' painted on the road, nothing to say there are new traffic conditions, just the usual small circular speed signs which have changed from 120 to 100.

Oh, and they have a blue 60 sign beneath them. Another new one that's been sneaked in on us it means the minimum speed permitted is 60kph.

I happened to notice one of the new 100 signs as I joined the road so, as I always do, I stuck to the speed limit. Me and a couple of other drivers, everyone else was doing at least 120.

Just be aware that the new limits are in place, extending the 100kph area down to Dubai Marina at, I think, Interchange 5.

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May Leow said...

sigh! i agree at you, there's no clear sign indicated to remind you to reduce your speed. my friend and i just caught in the camera! i was so pissed - i forgot to smile! :(