Friday, August 03, 2007

Arrests made in dancer's death case.

Following on from yesterday's posting about the death of Aaina Malek, caused because she was, allegedly, locked in her apartment by her employer, I'm pleased to read that the manager of the dance club has been arrested.

He will be referred to Public Prosecution on charges of suppressing the freedom of people, according to a senior police official.

I sincerely hope the charges will be increased from that, given that someone died as a result of being locked up.

Two flatmates of the dead girl have also been arrested, and from how I read the report it seems the charge is the same as for the manager.

There's an added chapter in the tragedy for the family too - apparently Aaina's teenage brother was killed in a road accident last year.

Gulf News has the story here.

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ألاسمحاجّ said...

This really serves justice right. My condolences to the bereaved family!