Friday, August 17, 2007

Adding to road dangers.

Something that those of us who drive on Dubai's roads are well aware of is highlighted in today's Gulf News, and that's the danger of builders' rubble on the roads. It causes accidents, it causes damage to cars.

Most common is concrete spillage, making rough areas on an otherwise smooth bitumen road surface. Some of them are more than a nuisance, they're dangerous for roadholding.

As reported in the story, it's quite common for serious damage to be caused when cars hit material that has fallen from trucks - pipes, planks, bricks and other large pieces of debris.

We all know the problem and we all know the answer.

The answer is to enforce the law, to police the construction industry, to check on the trucks. Stop overloading, remove leaking concrete tankers.

It isn't happening. Like so many other problems, the laws are in place but they are not enforced.

It's not only Dubai that has this problem of laws not being enforced, it happens all over the world.

And there really is no excuse.

The full story is here.

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree. I was driving down Sheikh Zayed Rd a few weeks ago, at freeway speeds, when something hit my windscreen with an enormous bang! It actually left 3 chips in my windscreen so must have been half a brick?! It was so loud and unexpected it really sent shock waves through my entire body... same thing happened to my colleague too. So it is a problem here.