Friday, June 08, 2007

What meaningless garbage!

The PR industry here has a well-earned reputation for being a long way from the professional level that it needs to be.

Here's a perfect example, a press release in today's 'Briefs' Column in the Business Section of Gulf News:

Dubai Duty Free chooses NCR

Dubai Dubai Duty Free, located at Dubai International Airport and the world's third largest airport duty free shop by annual turnover, has selected a point-of-sale (POS) solution from the NCR Corporation that is expected to bring increased innovation and flexibility to the award-winning retailer. Emirates Computers, an NCR RealPartner in the region, is responsible for the implementation and ongoing support of the solution. "We aim to deliver a fast, flexible, and reliable service to our customers," said Colm McLoughlin, Managing Director of Dubai Duty Free.

A 'point-of-sale solution'? 'Implementation and ongoing support for the solution'?

What are they babbling on about?

It tells us nothing. It's of no benefit to any of the three companies mentioned. What was the point of the exercise?


trill42 said...

that's what I would call a filler. Someone had to fill a space in the column. The junior writer responsible for this sparkling gem had either no clue what he was talking about, or had copied verbatim what the DDF MD said in the first 3 mins of his speech.

What saddens me is that this type if half-assed reporting has become the norm and not the exception. I don't know which is worse, that the senior editors let it slide or that they don't know any better...

i*maginate said...

"the point of the exercise" is to confuse you and make you wonder if it's their english that sucks or yours. by the time you find out, you're annoyed as hell and writing this post, trying to make sense of it all! if anything, these kind of articles are BAD PR!

ShaggyRed said...

..I don't know which is worse, that the senior editors let it slide or that they don't know any better......

The senior editor was most likely a staff reporter this time last year.

He became a filler.