Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Salik becomes clear.

Don't worry about the salik toll system, I've just realised that it's all a joke, a Monty Python script.

On July 1st the RTA will say whatever the Gulf's equivalent of 'April Fool' is and we'll all have a good laugh at how they fooled us.

It has to be, surely. It can't be for real, it's just all so incredibly stupid. Even for the RTA.

I've just driven from Bur Dubai, following the signs to Jebel Ali/Abu Dhabi which directed me onto Sheikh Zayed Road. You know, the toll-zone stretch that they say salik will clear of 25% of its traffic.

Then at Al Barsha I'm confronted by an overhead I'm directed to drive on the road, then have to pay to get off it!

Look, I've done a quick sketch of the toll gate...

Having directed us onto the stretch they're trying to keep us off, they then give us directions to exits that help us avoid the tollgate.

So at Exit 39 Al Barsha you turn off SZR, go a very short distance and come back onto SZR the other side of the tollgate.

Of course, if you come all the way down the toll stretch from Garhoud to Al Barsha you don't pay Dh4 as is claimed..."the toll will be Dh4"...but Dh4 to get on and another Dh4 when you get off.

I told you, it's a Monty Python script.

I do hope Sheikh Mohammed gets back from his very successful trip to Royal Ascot in time to stop this nonsense.

My earlier piece on the toll fiasco which talks about some of the other problems.

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caz said...

I read today the Queen gave a tea party for the Sheik which was attended by other senior Royals.

I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall during what was a very pleasant hour I am sure.