Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Government says 'no' to Hooters.

A week ago I said that , regardless of what we think, the government of Dubai would decide whether 'Hooters' restaurants would open in Dubai. That posting is here.

A report in Al Khaleej is picked up by Gulf News in which it says that Ali Ebrahim, deputy director-general for executive affairs at the Department of Economic Development, confirms that 'Hooters' has not even been registered with them. That supports my suggestion that it was a fishing trip by the Kuwaiti franchise owner to gauge reaction before he invested any money.

Mr Ebrahim also confirmed what we all know, that anything in violation of the religion, traditions & culture of the UAE are not permitted.

Gulf News story is here.

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Anonymous said...

This is utter nonsense,opening hooters shouldnt be a big shock to the government.Has any one walked by spinneys or near york international hotel at around 3-4 am?Hooters is way more decent then what activity is seen at these locations.Check it out!