Friday, June 29, 2007

RTA proves its incompetence, again.

Just how long will the RTA be allowed to continue demonstrating its breathtaking incompetence before heads roll?

The Salik kits, the advertisements, the TV commercials have all been absolutely clear - the sticker must be placed "1 cm below the rearview mirror post".

In the kit, the booklet has the rider: "In certain vehicles, you may need to install the tag in a special location". It tells you to go to the Salik website. You try - I've been trying for two days and "cannot find server" is all I get.

Now, just two days before the toll is due to begin, they issue a list of the vehicles which must have the tag in a special location, as published in Gulf News.

I wonder how many owners of those vehicles have already done as instructed and placed the tag 1 cm below the rearview mirror post. The tags won't work if they're removed, so they'll have to buy another one.

All the time they've had to think this thing through, to get the information to us, and they leave this critical information until a few hours before start-up.

Gulf News says: "(RTA) has produced a list of vehicles that require a special installation for Salik tags which will be operational on Sunday, July 1.

The RTA also advised motorists to go through the details attached with the Salik welcome kit and read the instructions to install the tag on the car windshield"

It's mind-boggling.

The Gulf News story is here.


Spectrum said...

Here we go, It is just the beginning. later on we'll find half of "Salik" users are baying fines :D

Dubai Sunshine said...

Thanks for posting that! I haven't bought my Salik tag yet, and found out, thanks to your post, that my car is on of those that requires a special placement of the tag....

The whole thing is a mess! Really....