Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tell me you're joking...

An item in today's Gulf News said in part:

Dubai Police have said that they will name and shame heavy vehicle drivers who jump traffic lights and endanger lives.

A driver, identified as A.H., was arrested by police patrols from the Criminal and Investigation Department in cooperation with Traffic Police after he jumped a red light at the Al Quoz-Muscat Street intersection.

He was driving a bus owned by a private company with 81 passengers aboard. Police said he put himself, the passengers and other drivers in extreme danger.

Name and shame? Oh, come on, get real.

Firstly this potential killer was named as "A.H." Secondly there's a photo of him. He'll find as many copies as he can and proudly show the folk back home that he had his photo in the paper! Do they really think that getting his name, and possibly photo, in the papers is going to stop a moron from driving dangerously in future.

Is this the best we can come up with to stop killer drivers?

The full article, complete with photo of AH, is here

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