Thursday, June 15, 2006

As if proof was needed...

We're all only too aware that 'customer service' is an oxymoron in Dubai, particularly with bigger companies.

This little item in sums up the attitude perfectly:

Football fans were in the dark last night as World Cup broadcaster ART offered English commentary on an Arabic channel showing the time and score for the Spain vs Ukraine match, then promptly removed it for Saudi Arabia vs Tunisia.

World Cup 1, which normally only has Arabic commentary, offered an English option for the Spain match, but most fans were unaware and tuned into English-language World Cup 3, which still did not have the score or time on screen last night.

To add to the confusion, ART refused to explain exactly what is going on, despite repeated requests.

Since kicking off our ‘What’s The Score?’ campaign on Tuesday, 7DAYS has received hundreds of faxes from frustrated football fans who want the time and score shown on English-language matches.

7DAYS attempted to deliver your petitions to ART’s offices in the Jebel Ali Free Zone yesterday, but was told that the only man who could receive them was in the company’s office on Sheikh Zayed Road. Staff then said they “couldn’t remember” where that office was.

Customers get sub-standard service......that's normal.
Ask what's going on & they ignore you...that's normal.
Try complaining & get the run-around...that's normal.

Not much of a story is it, it's just all so perfectly normal in the Dusty City.

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Herlock Sholmes said...

ART = Absolutely Rubbish Television