Saturday, June 24, 2006

Beautification Tips

Handy hints for when you want to beautificate something.

Find an area with well-established greenery, preferably lawn & flower beds and a nice pathway. If it also has shrubs and/or trees it’s even more suitable.

Dig up the pavers and pile them artistically, rather than neatly, on the flowerbed.

Dig several large, deep holes in the centre of the lawn, being sure to pile the sand up on the flowerbeds next to the piles of pavers. Make sure enough there’s enough to also cover at least 45cm of the trunk of shrubs/trees.

Place red & white plastic cones around your beautification project. String a line of red & white plastic pennants along the line of cones.

Leave for as long as possible to mature.

It is important to note that to be truly successful the finished project should not look as good as the original it replaced.

Note: No visible activity is permitted, so working at night is recommended.


Herlock Sholmes said...

:) Typical Dubai, isn't it?

Seabee said...

Is it 'Dubai City of Dust' or 'Dubai City of Holes'?

nzm said...

or is it the Dusty, Holey City?


Felicity said...

Sweet memories! One of my neighbours in Dubai had a huge hole suddenly appear in front of his garage. The workmen must have assumed he wasn't going to need his car for the next few weeks - it was trapped inside.