Friday, June 23, 2006

Criminal stupidity...again.

Driving from Dubai Marina into Al Sufouh Road at 3.30 this afternoon, a European female driver pulled alongside me. I stopped for the red traffic light, she slowed, changed her mind and drove straight through.

At the next traffic light outside Mina Seyahi, where a U-turn is clearly shown as not allowed, she decided to do a U-turn in front of oncoming traffic.

I bet the young child in her car was mightily impressed.


DrPak said...

Europeans are pretty good with traffic rules in their own countries, why do they suddenly go insane in Dubai? I could understand it if a Pakistani or Indian acted this way, traffic rules are reduced to a simple "every man for himself", but why do Europeans act like that?

ArabLady said...

after all they are not angles :)

Ramé said...

The question is how would they respond if an Indian or a Bangali did the same to them ? :D